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I have started contributing articles at which will be my technical blog. provides  articles on computers programmings, such as, C, C++, JAVA, ASP.NET , etc and at the same time we also provide Website Developement, Website Maintenance, Hosting, Domain and all the solution you need to succeed in your business. At TechnoDrunk we believe in quality, transparency, faith and above all we are here to help everyone in need.

Our articles are mainly focused for beginners and intermediate learners. Experts may found the articles a bit very basic. We will be explaining the topics in a very brief and clear way by giving lots of examples, code snippets and output screenshots. Our team always works on developing good contents and we will try our best not to confuse you when explaining.

At TechnoDrunk you can also get a lot of articles on different topics such as Hosting Management,Domain ManagementReviews, articles on technical subjects, general articles, and lot more.

So if you want to contribute to my site also you can do that and request you all to please subscribe to and like it in the facebook at

Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcomed. you can contact me either from my two websites or via my social profiles. You an also get the latest happenings of my blog in Facebook, Twitter or at Linkedin.

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