Be attentive, be curious, be successful

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Have you ever been irritated of of sitting in a classroom ?  If yes have you tried to analyse the cause ? What are the cause and solutions to it? Ok lets have a look at the problems and possible solutions. In this post I want to share some tips for you all so that you can be attentive in the classroom and succeed in your studies.

Being a student as well as a teacher, I have a better idea about the situations faced by both the parties. We always think that teachers just come and teach us and finishes their duties. They have nothing to do with whether we study or not, whether we are attentive in class or not and we only want marks at the end of the exams. But this conception or thinking is false. Before coming to a class a teacher do a lot of mind storming about the topics he/she going to deliver and they have all the rights on their student’s activities as they are called our second guardian. Opps I am going out of the track… Ok lets concentrate on what are the problems with a student and the possible solutions.

What’s the problem with me?

The below are some of the possible problems with all of us as a student.

I know what teacher is going to teach. Lets have fun in the class:

  • Even if you know the topic just forgot everything from your mind and try to learn what teacher is going to deliver.
  • He/she might be teaching the same content but I am 100% sure that you will find everything different as teaching style changes from person to person. Where is the harm to learn new technique.
  • At the end only you may have multiple techniques to solve the same problem and will find yourself top of the entire class.

Ohh the subject is so boring:

  • I know forcing yourself to anything that you don’t like will be boring. For someone cricket is boring but for many of the Indians cricket is their life. But even if you don’t like cricket you will never hesitate to watch the final world cup match between India and Pakistan for the entire day.
  • Here comes the interest. As the match between India and Pakistan creates an excitement within you, you can also create an interest and excitement for the boring subjects. Then only the subject matter will be interesting for you.
  • When you find a topic boring, just ask the teacher its real life applications and then relate it to any of the real problem, then you can get the charm of the subject matter. For example, suppose you find biology as a theoretical subject and the subject matter bared you in the class. When the teacher is explaining function of brain, just think of your brain and the study can make you understand your brain better and you can know the causes of some normal problems associate with the brain. there only you can create interest for the topic.

Everything is going out of my mind:

  • The possible causes may be that you are not at all attentive and thinking of something else, ,like meeting your girlfriend, your plans for the evening show, etc..
  • The best way is to clean your mind up and concentrate on the teacher. One trick can be constantly looking at teacher can also help you to came back to the classroom. If you look here and there then you are lost.
  • There may be several causes, and the best person to solve the problem is you only.

I will read from notes and handouts at exam time:

  • Are you strong at remembering things and facts 100 %. Then I have no suggestions for you. But you might not get nothing out of the topic if you only memorize things and when it comes to application part you will find yourself lost in the crowd.
  • Just be attentive and listen to your teachers in the class and believe me you can attend almost 60% of the questions in the exam. I have experimented it on myself as I am weak at remembering topics and I also became bored for some topics.
  • You may even get a certificate of completion but you will not be able to succeed in your career.

I am feeling so sleepy as last night I had a lot of fun with friends:

  • I will simply suggest, don’t come to class only for the mere attendance. Complete your sleep well and attend the class.
  • In a sleepy mood you will be getting nothing for you for the lecture and you may also distract your fellow friends in the class. Come to class after full sleep, a good breakfast/lunch and be cheerful, make your mind blank before any class.

I have a doubt, but …:

  • Ask any doubts you have immediately. No teacher will deny to answer your questions and clarify your doubts.
  • But it does not mean that you ask irrelevant doubts just for making fun in the class. If you have no interest and you are unable to develop interest just sit quiet, don’t disturb your friend.
  • Ask such questions that will be helpful to the entire class and even share new concepts if you have any, as teachers are not storehouse of everything.

There might be several other issues and all the issues can’t be covered. Think about the following questions. Why you are studying?  Why your parents are spending so much for your studies?  What’s your goal for life? I am doing justice with myself? Does your family have a strong financial position?, etc….

Just find the answers to these question and you may get some way to correct yourself. So finally I would like to conclude that be attentive, curious and will surely be successful. Learning has no end and you will find that you learn something new everyday if you can notice minutely. To be successful just learn, learn and learn….

The above are my personal views and I will appreciate your comments and feedback and it will my pleasure to learn new ideas and concepts from you all.


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