Challenges to overcome in Rural Education


I have born to a middle-class family in a not so popular village of Odisha and completed my Upper primary schooling in a Government School. Then we moved to Cuttack … Continue Reading

Indian Eduction Industry

A Brief Analysis of Indian Education Sector Specifically for Rural India


India as a young country has approximately 28.1 percent of its population under the age group of 0-14 years, as of 2015. With an immense potential in higher education industry … Continue Reading


Dreaming for Personal Excellence


We always here that dreams can’t come true, but I can prove it wrong. In my views you can only be successful in life only when you can make your … Continue Reading


Facebook’s New Emotion Icon-What and How


It’s quite a long time, we are hearing and talking about the new Facebook’s New Emotion Icon to be available. With the new icon sets the users will have option to express … Continue Reading


Self-Publishing-The Future of Indian Publishing Industry: All Your Questions Answered


Being one of the founding members of the first self-publishing company of Odisha, Dream House Publications, I still receive a lot of query from author about the working and benefit … Continue Reading

Gender Diversity at Workplace-The unsolved mystery for India Inc.


Since starting my professional career with MNC in the year 2011 I am hearing about workplace diversity. One of the major aspects of the broader concept is the gender equality … Continue Reading


My Best Day-with the worst interview


‘Hurrey….. Finally you did it my boy! I am very proud of your achievements.’ He exclaimed. This was the first line I heard on that great Monday morning from my … Continue Reading


Random thought diary


Sometimes I think a lot and I don’t know why. But it gives me a lot of insight about myself and sometimes changed my views. Thinking is always a good exercise for … Continue Reading


Eid Mubarak: The Symbol of Unity


Eid al-Fitr is a day when Muslims around the world show a common goal of unity is also called Feast of Breaking the Fast. In India muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr after the sighting of … Continue Reading

Prakash Mohapatra

An evening to be remembered with Prakash Mohapatra


Today 5th July of 2014 will be one of my memorable day. At 7:30 PM I met someone who does not need any introduction. He is amongst the few to … Continue Reading