My Best Day-with the worst interview

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‘Hurrey….. Finally you did it my boy! I am very proud of your achievements.’ He exclaimed.

This was the first line I heard on that great Monday morning from my mom.

‘what’s the news?’ I asked in excitement.

A smile played on her lips, ‘Congrats my boy, you have been selected for your PGDM in the prestigious St. Stefen’s School of Management Studies.’

I was just shocked hearing it. Even I couldn’t believe myself.

Ok, let me give you all a backdrop of my interview journey,

Few days back I had applied for admission in St. Stefen’s School of Management Studies with a CAT score of 90%, whereas the previous year cutoff was hopping 98% for the seats. I had been called for an interview for the wait list seats and all my family members were worried, including me what will I do if I can’t get through it. I had already made my mind to be admitted in an above average BSchool.

I was not at all prepared for the interview and had taken it as a casual one. The great thing was that I was confident and hence not worried at all. I have cleared the GD round and got in to the interview easily.

The interview panel had a five member team consisting of the Chairman, Director, Dean, Admission Officer and Psychologist. The college had one of the toughest panels on board.

Now I was a bit nervous and entered the interview room with a lot of questions in my mind with their logical answers ready. Thinking that I will be asked questions from General knowledge, Management Skills, etc. I was preparing for the same in my mind and thought myself to be fully prepared and ready to face them all off.

The first question I got was “Tell me something about yourself?”. As I was expecting this question and had already framed the answer in my mind, I had just started delivering. But suddenly one of the panel member stopped me and asked what I had thought of this interview of?

It made me liitle confused. Then the entire panel started laughing at me and asked me to leave. They were just making fun of me due to my entire attire. The psychologist asked me do you really know what is a interview is?

I was actually dressed with a casual wear a sports shoe and even not properly shaved. I was Just as casual as my normal days hardly in an attire of attending an Interview.

The psychologist asked me that, are you really serious and want to take the admission. You are rejected my boy, the chairman says.

‘Thanks for your kindness sir and for tolerating me,’ I stood up and show my gratitude, ‘I am at least happy that I could make you laugh from all your heart during this interview session; at least I am able to bring happiness in your life. I had then left the room with a really sad face.

My mom and others were not aware about this and I was taking a good sleep on that Monday when I got the news of my selection, unexpectedly.

Now you can know why I was shocked with the news. I had immediately called up the dean of the St. Stefen’s School by taking his number from the admission booklet to confirm the news.

I was again shocked hearing that I was selected, Sir how you all selected me, when I was rejected by the panel. I asked confidently.

The dean said me a single sentence reminding my last words before I left the room, “I am at least happy that you all at least laugh from your heart during this interview session due to me; at least I am able to bring happiness in your life due to my doings”.

He said “you are a very casual person who takes life positively without any tension.” I was really not the same person from that Monday.

I always used to worry about my career and never take situations positively at all. I had just delivered the sentence on the interview day with anger because of rejection.

By hearing those words from the dean, I now realize that being positive is what can really make a difference in your life.

Being positive helps you to be cool, calm and win millions of heart.

That Monday was the best day of my life with a lifelong learning experience.

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