Dream House Publications, India…A new beginning

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Have you ever faced a situation where your story gets rejected by a publisher or you as a writer have been forced to pay huge amount to publish your first book? I have a solution for you. Now you can rest assured about the success of your book with one of the fastest growing publishing houses of India.

Keeping these issues in mind a young and energetic person with a passion to lead and change has founded Dream House Publications, India. Dream House Publications aim at helping all the talented writers to get published. Its official website says, “We believe there are thousands of talented writers hidden who have been underestimated by the conventional publishers and cheated by some of the self-publishing associations. We at Dream House Publications have tried to solve the situation and help budding talents. We neither refuses to publish, nor keep you waiting for the answer. We promise that we will walk with you to fulfill your dreams.”

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Dream House believe in three core values of HonestyQualitySatisfaction and is among the few publishing houses who give back to their society. As a part of its social responsibility, Dream House Publications will share 5% of its annual revenue to Green Thinkers India, an NGO working towards developing health, education and environment facilities in the state of Odisha.

Its founder Mr. Simson Biswal had taken the risk of starting a national level publishing house in the state of Odisha and taking it to new heights now. He aims to make Dream House Publications, India among the top publishing houses within next couple of years. He strongly believe in the three core values and always emphasises on making the best use of technology to automate the processes and to achieve transparency in operation. I think it’s a true spirit of entrepreneurship that can lead someone towards success.

Dream House Publication had released its first book, “You will live again…Let me die” on 02/02/2014 which is written by the founder of Dream House, Mr. Simson Biswal. The book has gained good response from the readers at the 30th Bhubanewsar Book Fair and is now available at all the leading online shops.The book is now among the best seller books in Oxford Bookstore and is in its third reprint.

Dream House Publications, India now has 4 successful titles in its catalogue namely,

  • You will live again…Let me die by Simson Biswal
  • Thank you for loving me– my last word before I lost forever by Akhilesh
  • Crossing The Seas– an attempt to live again by Aditya Acharya
  • FUSION- a mingled flavour mocktail by 25 selected authors

Among its major steps Dream House Publications, had started a short story competition on social media platform Facebook, which later became viral and gained huge popularity among authors all over India. The anthology is named as “Fusion-A mingled flavored mocktail” has been conceptualized in association with The Spark Times and Dr. Rachit Bhushan has lead the judging panel. Initially the panel decided to publish 20 best stories, and has kept the genre restricted only for Romance. But seeing the increased response the panel and Dream House Publications decided to select 25 stories. The contest ran from 03/01/2014 to 31/01/2014 and Dream House Publications have received more than 700 short stories. The final result was declared on 14/02/2014 and the book is now rocking the bookstores across India and will be launched in a grand way across the country in the month of August 2014.

The official facebook page of Dream House Publications which has more than 2000 followers now sates the following point of differentiation for its unique 50:50 cost sharing self-publishing platform,

  • We believe in 3 core values Honesty, Quality and Satisfaction
  • We operate with an unique blend of Traditional and Self-Publishing mode
  • For self-publishing your books you need to pay 50 % of the cost for first edition only and it’s a onetime payment, DHP will publish further editions at its own expense
  • DHP provide the best distribution network. Not only online platform we provide our authors the best offline platform covering more than 200 stores across Indian and expanding our reach
  • Our books are priced as lowest as 125 INR and we have made it a point that the book price for a standard novel will not go beyond 160 INR. All our books are priced at a standard price of 140 INR only
  • The books we produces are of highest quality and we use 80 GSM paper for printing and 300 GSM paper for book covers
  • At Dream House all our operations are transparent and author-publisher interactions are at a peak.
    DHP give its authors selected for self-publishing a 20% royalty and 10% royalty for traditional publishing mode

Dream House Publications which has worked with more than 30 authors now is spreading its wings fast and is going to publish 4 more novels within next two months and also aims at strengthening its distribution networks all over India to help budding authors reach most readers.

You can find more details about this new publishing house at http://dreamhousepublishers.com/ and can follow it on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DreamHousePublishers

I too feel proud to be associate with it and I am sure that Dream House Publications, India will set an example for Indian publishing industry with its unique way of operation which is a top-secret for us. I invite my friend and reader to share their ideas about this amazingly new publishing house.

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