Dreaming for Personal Excellence

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We always here that dreams can’t come true, but I can prove it wrong. In my views you can only be successful in life only when you can make your dreams come true. And yes, you don’t need to day-dream, you can dream anytime and striving to achieve it can bring you personal excellence.

Before starting up or experimenting on yourself let’s understand what are the terms Dreaming and Personal Experience means?

Dreaming is an act to be able to visualize something that does not exists in real but has mere or an extended chances of real existence.

Personal Excellence is all about living your passion on your own terms and achieving life experiences that can teach life lessons.

The above definitions may seem to be fascinating to some extend and you may have some different opinion about these terms, but the basic ideas are going to be the same. We all have personal goals or expectation that we always wanted to fulfill. Let’s call these goals as dreams, because what I believe goal as a term is professional where as dream is more over related to personal fulfillment. When you foresee what you want to be in life it became your biggest dream and then in the process of achieving it you encounter with experiences and learning that can transform you into a completely different personality. But dreaming is not an easy task, particularity when it comes to achieving personal excellence.

Let me give you an example, one night you have dreamed of riding a Ferrari. Now you have to take steps to have a the dream car; in doing so you may search for a good job or even find some quick ways and then caught or if you struggle hard you will be able to have a 4 wheeler of good brand if not Ferrari. If you take the right way it takes time and if you take the wrong way you make it faster, but both the ways teaches you your strengths, weaknesses and mistakes. So you can really take steps to make every dream of yours come true. Your small steps can make your dream achievable; you just have to execute it in the right way. The below are some of the acts that can take you to achieve personal excellence.

  1. Have dreams to came true
  2. Have a positive attitude to every situation
  3. Take fulfilling steps towards giving life to your dreams
  4. Be humble to others in this process
  5. Believe in yourself and find your inner strengths and weaknesses
  6. Learn from every day encounters and experiences
  7. Everyone is good and everyone is bad, no one is perfect (remember it always)
  8. Do as much as mistake you can do and don’t fear of doing mistakes; if you have not failed then you have done nothing in life
  9. Don’t sympathize on people in need rather empathize and guide or help them to meet their dreams
  10. Don’t stop dreaming

These all seems to be  too lengthy and irritating and you might think that nothing can be done; yes you are right following some of the steps mentioned can’t make your dream come true, you need to learn how to dream or to be particular what to dream and then taking the right or wrong steps to make them. You can start practicing from today and will surely be  successful.

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