Facebook’s New Emotion Icon-What and How

It’s quite a long time, we are hearing and talking about the new Facebook’s New Emotion Icon to be available. With the new icon sets the users will have option to express their real emotions for a post instead of only liking it. Finally you have now the option to use the new Emotion Icons in India and here is a how to guide on using the new Facebook Express Icons.

New Facebook Emotion Icons

Facebook has launched five new icons to express your emotions on posts, comments, photos, updates and other status. You can now express your real emotion or feelings on Facebook. Instead of just liking you can now have option to express “Love”, “HaHa”, “Wow”, “Sad” and “Angry”.


New Facebook Emotion Icons

With the launch of these new expressions/emotions Facebook is trying to personalizing your social wall in a more human way. We can say it is a good attempt and we can expect more such more personalized features in near futures to excite us.

Using New Facebook Emotion Icons

Using these new icons are just easy as liking, but to get these icons you have to have some patient by hovering your mouse pointer above the as usual and popular like button. The below screenshot can explain you how to get these new icons to use. Its quite simple.


Getting The New Facebook Emotion Icons

As you can see in the image Facebook has also done some UI changes after introducing the new Emotion Icons and you can now get a single tabbed view of all your likes, love, haha, wow, sad and angry emotions by the people.


Single Tabbed View of all New Facebook Emotions

With this we can expect some more rationalization in near future in the social media context. Till then just enjoy playing with your emotions now in the social media too with the introduction of New Facebook Emotion Icons.


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