India in need to develop critical defece technologies

India as a nation has high dependence on foreign nations for its defence technology needs, where as our Prime Minister Sri Narednra Modi is calling of the slogan “Make In India” and “Made In India”. To make it happen we need extensive technological innovation, adequate funding and extraordinary manpower. As some private sectors are coming up with high-tech plants in India, the sectors are missing interest to develop defence technologies. A report by a highly empowered military committee submitted to the UPA government reviles the same.

A highly empowered military committee has submitted its report to the UPA government which suggested that India should develop critical technologies for defence to minimize manipulation of foreign powers in India’s defence sector.

The committee headed by Air Marshal M Matheswaran said”for India to be truly independent military, we need to reckon that our defence and technological capabilities are not controlled by external forces.”

As per the report the following are some of the technologies that India need to capitalize on soon,

  • Materials: carbon fibres, high temperature alloys, etc..
  • Weapons: precision guided and standoff weapons, cruise missiles, fusing devices
  • Aero Engines: jet engine components, turbo fans and engines
  • Sensors and Simulators: sensors and simulators for various defence activities
  • Radar: AESA radars, miniature radars, etc..
  • Avionics, Communication and Computing: Embedded computing, cockpit avionics, OS, etc..
  • Manufacturing Technology: Titanium Casting, Fabrication machines, Circuit boards, etc..

The list is not complete and there are other recommendations form the committee. Now it’s time for Indian entrepreneurs to take on these opportunities and make India a stronger and Independent nation.

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