Mo Pathashala-on a mission to empower Rural Students

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This article is about one of my social organization working in the filed of Rural Education and Social Entrepreneurship. PractoMind Foundation has been started as a trust to support the cause behind Mo Pathashala and is a non profit organization mainly in the field of Education. We aim to modernize Rural Reach in the areas of Education, Health and Social Status.

Mo Pathashala as an initiative has been started in the Kumarpur Panchayat of Cuttack District, Odisha during December 2014. Since then we have tried our best to provide quality education at our 4 centers where more than 350 students are getting benefited. So far we were able to bring a positive change to almost 89 families in 3 GPs with 22 villages and have also provided 126 scholarships to the deserving students.


Our Vision: Create a quality education system for the overall development of students in Higher Secondary level and to achieve 100% literacy rate.

Our Mission: Discover, develop, and deliver innovative educational practices that can reach each and every students of Odisha by 2030.

Till now we are sponsoring the initiative from personal fund along with program fees collection and was not able to expand to more locations due to financial constraints. It’s not possible for us to fulfill our mission statement as defined below and we have planned to completely change our outreach model from this year.

From 2021-22 session we are aiming to give totally free after school classes to rural students having excellent talent and eager to explore more in their interest areas. We have planned to reach maximum possible area of rural Odisha with this program. We are also developing a free online learning platform at  and will also come up with an Android App for the same to reach maximum people.


Let’s Spread Smiles and Hope along Millions of Children. Donate with an amount as small as Rs. 50 for the cause.

Know details about the campaign at:

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Looking for your kind support for the cause. your small contribution can make a huge difference to our cause and help educate one student in some way.

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