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Sometimes I think a lot and I don’t know why. But it gives me a lot of insight about myself and sometimes changed my views. Thinking is always a good exercise for your brain and we all need to think, and it can be anything. I have now started sharing some of the thoughts that randomly came into my mind through Facebook, but to make a collection of the same, this page has been built.

I will try to keep this page updated and I also invite useful thoughts from all my friends in the comment. Please note that these are my own opinion and has no resemblance with anyone else.

Feb 03 2017

Preparing yourself to do something different is the critical call you need to take early in your life.

Dec 31 2015

Every new start brings new learning, experiences and a lot of challenges to deal with…HAPPY NEW YEAR and be ready for many more new…

Dec 24 2015

Sometime situations pull you back but the real hero teaches the situation a lesson and marches forward in life. Be Positive & Deliver Best

Dec 20 2015

It is always better to be BEST (Be Ethical Stay Trustworthy) at every stage of life to be successful.

Dec 02 2015

Changes are the only constant and one need to take it positively to make the change happening…

Nov 15 2015

Every morning comes with a challenge and you need to have a plan to overcome those challenges to achieve something great everyday.

Nov 08 2015

Expectations can’t always be meet, that does not mean you stop expecting. When you can’t expect you can’t aim and set your goals.

Oct 20 2015

If you really want to make your dream come alive you needed to first learn how to dream. Dreaming without learning is nothing but a waste of time this thought has taken out dreams to the next level……Keep Learning and Dreaming…..

Oct 03 2015

Doing whatever you dreamed is not an easy task, but when you live your dream it became your unforgettable achievement

Sep 05 2015

Teachers are not only those who teaches us in class, Teachers are those who inspire us in our life and they are all around us. Wishing a Happy Teachers Day from my heart to all those from whom I got something in many way

Jun 29 2015

I don’t know whether I have failed or passed, but I know that I worked hard and learned so much….Live life positively.

May 16 2015

What’s next? It a question that makes you explore, prosper and progress. Keep asking yourself what’s next???

Feb 6 2015

L I F E if full of
L: Love
I: Imagination
F: Fun
E: Experiences

Love what you do, imagine and explore new ideas, have fun every moment and share your experiences…..

Jan 26 2015

What you think and what you do may match sometimes, but when they differ it shows a positive sign that you are adaptive to changing situations.

Jan 10 2015

A new day—means new challenges, new opportunities, new shocks and surprises, new relationships, new you and a whole new world around you.

So don’t be worry and make merry and enjoy every moment of your life…

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