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PGDM Projects

1. A study of the market size for Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)and Ghee in institutional segment (field project for ITC Ltd.)

This report tried to find out the potency of Ghee and SMP in the current market in Odisha among various institutional segments and brought some facts and figures about the demand pattern, product and packing preference, etc. The study was conducted among various institutional segments that includes Hotels and Restaurants, Sweet manufacturers, Ice Cream Manufacturers and Ayurveda Manufacturers.

2. Acted as a key coordinator for “UMANG 2014” held on 22nd and 23rd Nov2014 at Jagannathpur, Khurda by students of Rural Marketing Course

UMANG is the annual grameen mela of IMIS, BBSR being held since 2009. It has the objectives to create a bridge between the Rural & the corporate understand the rural consumer, create brand awareness about various products, disseminate pertinent information among the rural hold. Handling more than 40 participating companies and around 100 volunteers in the event was one of the great experiences I had. As a student coordinator I was responsible for overall coordination among the team members, negotiating with different stakeholders, taking necessary permissions, problem resolution, event setup & branding, overall planning along with the regular activities like getting sponsorship, inviting guests, media, etc. The exposure helped me to enhance my negotiation skills, leadership qualities and taught me how to deal with adverse situations.

3. Identification of Distribution Gap and Corrective Measures for Bisleri in Cuttack (SIP)         

The study tried to understand the demand pattern for different water brands in the key accounts, identified distribution gaps for Bisleri and suggested corrective measures to fill the gaps identified. It also emphasized on understanding the distributors’ performance based on individual distributor assessment scorecard.

4. Sales and Distribution Management Practices of Godrej FMCG in General as well as Modern Trade in Bhubaneswar

This was a minor project undertaken under the course of Channel management. It has given a chance to understand the actual sales channel at work and provided a detailed understanding of seling skills required, dealer management, ROI, etc.

5. Retail Store Operation Practices and Consumer Perception at Reliance Footprint Limited Sambalpur    

It was more of a practical exposure to the actual retail store operations and we have learned how a retail store operates. The project also emphasises on finding out consumer perceptions towards the store and providing some suggestions.

Freelancing Activities

1. Website Development –, Odisha (freelancer)                           March 2011 – Present

Designed and deployed several websites for individuals and different companies for their different requirements. Also handled the domain registration and hosting account, webmail accounts of the clients. The full list of websites developed can be found at

2. eCommerce website –                                 August 2013 – Present

  • Developed and deployed the entire portal using OpenCart CMS.
  • Product page design, Logo Design and SEO activities have been completed.

3. Prosper Group Website          November 2013 – February 2014

This website is developed for a China based machinery manufacturing company,”Prosper Group” to showcase there products and there features. This website is completely created in ASP.NET and uses some JQuery and other scripts for the slider and product gallery. More than 150 products pages are being hosted in the website.

4. Website Development and Management –, Odisha            August 2013

  • The website is developed for an upcoming publication house in Odisha.
  • Site is supported by a CMS in the backend.
  • Works done include, logo design, content development, SEO, website management.

5. Web Based Customer Portal –, Mohali                  April 2012 

  • Developed and deployed the entire portal using ASP.NET and C# with MSSQL Server 2008 as per the client requirement.
  • Used simple encryption technique and “captcha” text to make the application secure.
  • The application uses code based registration and passwords are being stored in database in encrypted format.
  • This portal is used by the company for accepting new registration and helps them in managing their members in an easy, convenient and secure way.

Graduation Level Projects

1. Patient and Medical Report Management – Ravenshaw University, Cuttack                    April 2010

  • Developed the application as graduate project to provide an interface to the public to access their medical report and interact with their doctors.
  • Used ASP.Net and C# with MS SQL Server 2008 and also work on a simple encryption technique and “captcha” based form submission.

2. Library Management SystemRavenshaw University, Cuttack                                                  May 2009

  • Developed a simple Library Managemnt System in C# to be used by the departments of the university.
  • The user has option to check the inventory, issue/ return books, adding of new books and searching of books in an easy manner with separate views for admin and users.

3. Mobile Automation System using CRavenshaw University, Cuttack                                     March 2008

  • It is a simple basic level C application using C Graphics and Structures using the file concept
  • This application demonstrates the use of customer support application by mobile operators for various purposes like, recharge, query management, profile management, etc.

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